Our Journey

We are Chaz and Bradley, and like many, we have spent countless hours on the road and in the air, facing the challenges that come with travelling. We have struggled with overloaded bags, stressed about exceeding weight limits, and excessive airline luggage prices. We understand your frustrations because we have been there ourselves. This led us to dream, design, and ultimately create a revolutionary product, Compression Backpack - the first backpack with a zip system that you can expand to your liking.

The Moment of Revelation

Born out of our own travel frustrations, such as limited space and luggage fees, Compression Backpack is our solution for a more comfortable and environmentally friendly travel experience. after brainstorming, prototyping and refining, we introduced an adjustable zip system to create a backpack that is both practical and stylish.

The Design Process

We are committed to clean, minimalist design, focusing on user-friendly functionality, exceptional quality and cutting-edge technology in our backpacks. In February 2022, we took a big step forward by filing our first patent for our innovative compression technology. During our design process, we placed equal importance on both the technology and the overall aesthetics and functionality of our backpacks.

The Production Process

In pursuit of our goal to bring our vision to life and start mass production, we turned to Kickstarter, a renowned crowdfunding platform, as our springboard. The response has been extraordinary. Far exceeding our expectations, we reached a remarkable milestone, raising €150,000 in just one month. This enormous support has not only kick-started our production journey, but has also significantly strengthened our brand and product development. Our triumph on Kickstarter is a testament to our backers' confidence and enthusiasm in our vision, propelling us towards a promising future.

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